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Heart Twickenham


Heart Twickenham








through organising,promoting and supporting  

local well-being classes, workshops and fundraising events

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Heart Kovalam










Since Heart Twickenham closed its doors in September 2019, we have lost  the valuable donations and fundraising opportunities that Heart Twickenham gave us.


For now, you can support us through our Etsy shop, which is providing local tailors and shop owners with some income at the same time as allowing us to continue supporting the local community


Tuesday McNeill, one of the founder members of Heart Twickenham, has a deep connection to Kerala, and Kovalam in particular. Heart Kovalam is a gesture of gratitude to all the local people who have shared their friendship, time, homes and hospitality with her over the years.














The aim of the initiative is now three-fold:


  • Running a small community centre with a music school so local boys can train in the traditional art of Keralan drumming, helping them to understand and value the importance of their culture. As they grow up, this will enable and empower them to move on from simply surviving, to thriving, providing them with an income whilst making a positive contribution to their world.

  • Helping to  ease the struggle of living at subsistence level, offering support where it’s needed, be it for education, medical expenses, house maintenance or unexpected difficulties

  • ​Wherever possible, helping to alleviate some of the stress and deprivation  associated with the pandemic. Kovalam is a tourist destination that has become a ghost town since March 2020. So many small businesses  and daily wage workers have been left with only government food rations to survive on since then.

our heartfelt gratitude 

to the kind and generous Heart Twickenham community

we couldn’t have done it without you

Scroll down to see how we have supported the Heart Kovalam community

  • Paid fees for tuition, school, college entrance and kindergarten registration

  • Cleaned the well and painted the house for a local man with mental health issues living on his own

  • Bought knee support bandages for a lady with arthritis

  • Provided trophies and gifts for the annual celebration of a local historic figure

  • Sponsored a drumming performance to help raise funds for a street dog charity

  • Bought a new gas stove for a neighbour so his 90 year old mother wouldn’t have to light a fire for cooking the rice every day

  • Helped towards medical costs when a friend’s son had a serious bike accident

  • Paid for a  rickshaw to be repaired so the owner could carry on working

  • Sponsored Christmas gift packs for local cancer patients – containing essentials such as rice, vegetables and toiletries

  • Paid for two motorbikes to get repaired so their owners could get to work

  • Donated to a local temple that provides marriage ceremonies for people too poor to afford them

  • Paid for local boys to go to yoga classes in Trivandrum

  • Sponsored treats for an end of term party at a local primary school

  • Sponsored a drumming performance at a temple festival for a baby’s first food celebration

  • Distributed  Christmas cakes, treats and gifts to poor local families

  • Cleaned a local waterway that was choked with rubbish

  • Contributed towards medical expenses for a rickshaw driver who had serious blood count issues

  • Ongoing sponsorship of dance classes and kindergarten fees for two local children

  • New doors, windows, roof repairs and other home maintenance for local people

Click to connect;  find out more about Heart Kovalam and how you can help to share the love

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