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Given the current global health crisis, many of our practitioners are offering sessions online. Please contact them directly for information. Heart Twickenham sends love, hope and healing to you, our community and the world xx

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Fit Anywhere: Exercise in the Time of COVID-19

information supplied by Anya Willis


It’s hard to be stuck at home, but COVID-19 is still spreading, still dangerous, and the risk—especially to those with health conditions—is still high. Being stuck in one place for months on end is no good for our physical or mental health.


So how do we fight cabin fever? Physical activity is one of the absolute best tools you can use to keep yourself healthy and sane while abiding by pandemic-friendly protocols. These resources show you the power of exercise, some workouts you can do while social distancing, and how to stay safe if you do hit the gym:


Why Exercise Matters

These links show exactly how important it is to get moving, especially now:


  • Regular exercise improves overall health, making you less likely to get sick (and better equipped to recover if you do.)

  • Adjusting your morning routine to include exercise gives you more energy and better mood stability through the whole day.

  • Exercise gets out excess stress, which reduces the intensity of depression and anxiety.


Working Out at a Distance

There are tons of great ways to exercise without interacting with people outside of your home:


  • You can safely walk, run, or bike around your neighborhood.

  • Check out workout videos online to exercise with your family at home.

  • Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility at home; just make sure you have a mat or soft flooring to protect your joints.

  • Improve your focus by reducing clutter and cleaning messy areas of your home. 


Safety at the Gym

If you’re aching to go back to the gym, here’s how to do so safely:



It’s tempting to give in to inactivity and gloom during a tough time. That said, pushing through and putting in the effort to get moving is beyond worth it. You deserve to feel as good as you can right now, so give yourself the best chance for happiness



Wednesday 8pm

Friday 10 am

Chi Gung with Praveen Kothakota

contact directly for details

online resuming September 2021

Discover this ancient system of co-ordinated breathwork and  powerful, rhythmic movement

that is strengthening, healing and restorative. The practice will leave you feeling relaxed, yet energised.

​Praveen's approach ensures the practice is accessible to all, encouraging sensitivity and awareness

in his students. He brings a depth of knowledge to his classes, drawing on 20 years of experience

in Chi Gung, Kung Fu, Meditation and Yoga

Investment £7 drop in £20 for 4 classes (valid for one month)



Morning and Evening Kirtan Chanting online with Nikki Slade

Thursday 8.00 - 9.00 am and  8.00 - 9.00pm

online through Zoom

This is an invitation to open your heart and connect to your vocal power through the yoga of sound. Kirtan (chanting) does for your insides what a yoga asana class does for your physical body. It is the perfect way to dissolve blockages and stress through the vibrations of the sound.

Kirtan is a universal practice that belongs to everyone and is as relevant today as it originally was centuries ago. We will chant together in call and response accompanied by harmonium and drum. The overall experience is like a meditation with voice. You don’t have to sing – your voice is the instrument for you to connect to your inner power. Most importantly expect to have fun! You will leave feeling free, energized, uplifted and joyful for the week ahead.

How does this work? The sessions will be happening every Thursday  and Friday via the Zoom online platform.

Once you book, you will receive and email message from or with an invitation from these addresses (look in your spam folders!) with a link that you can simply click to open the zoom meeting directly from your computer, tablet or mobile device. No need to download any programmes or software. You will need to download the Zoom app only if you are connecting via mobile or tablet.

Pay with the orange button on the side panel


Thursday Morning session


Thursday Evening session

or book through Meetup

Investment:  £12 each session. VAT inc.
Bundle: 3 sessions at £9 each: £27 + VAT = £32.40
To pay for a bundle, please email and we will send you bank details.



Learn to Lead Kirtan  Course with Nikki Slade

September - November 2021

Are you passionate about Kirtan and chanting from the heart?

Have you ever felt that you are a budding Kirtan leader waiting to emerge?

Do you see yourself sharing this sublime and exquisite practice with the world?

If that’s you then Autumn 2021 offers you the Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited 200 Hour Learn To Lead Kirtan Foundation Training in London.


Read more about what this training offers here:


For bookings and more information


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Online Writing for Self Discovery Workshop with Lucy Watt and Sarah Richings
October 2nd 10.00 - 12.15pm

online through Zoom

Do you enjoy getting to know yourself at a deeper level?

Are you interested in how the process of creative writing can help you access self-truths you may have buried or hidden from yourself?

- Would you welcome the chance to work in a small, supportive group with qualified counsellors as facilitators?

We are offering a series of online Writing for Self Discovery workshops. You don’t need to be experienced or skilled in creative writing to take part. You just need to be open to engaging with a process as it unfolds.

This workshop will involve writing creatively in response to different prompts given by the facilitators. This can help you experience how writing can be used to give you new perspectives and improve your well-being. Everyone has a unique voice and stories to tell. We encourage creative ways to express this in a safe and friendly environment.

Each workshop focuses on a different theme - for example journeys, time, childhood dreams.

The course will be facilitated by qualified and BACP registered counsellors, Sarah Richings and Lucy Watt.

Participants who have attended earlier workshops are welcome to attend. There will be different themes and exercises.

When you join the session, have a notebook and pen or pencil ready and ensure you are in a private space where you cannot be overheard.

About the facilitators:
Sarah Richings is a BACP registered humanistic counsellor and has trained in facilitating creative writing for therapeutic purposes. She is also a counsellor in a university setting, and previously in a bereavement service. Sarah has also worked in further education as a teacher and adviser.

Lucy Watt is a BACP registered and accredited humanistic counsellor working in private practice in Dalston, East London, and an assistant tutor at Metanoia Institute. She works with adults, both as individuals and in groups. Lucy also has experience as a bereavement counsellor in an East London hospice. Previously, Lucy worked in the social and digital innovation sector, in local government politics and supporting young people into work.

Investment £25

For more information

Please book through this link

Cancellation policy: the fee can only be refunded if the course is full and we can find a replacement for you before the workshop starts.



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