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  Heart Twickenham   -  creating community


Heart Twickenham 


a well-being initiative that 

creates community

    encourages personal and social enrichment

connects you to yourself and others


Everyone is welcome 

 join or run activities that explore and enhance

 physical, mental, emotional and social well-being


Inspiring teachers and faciltators offering

yoga, meditation, chanting, chi gung, writing, creativity

group, social and fundraising events


local, independent teachers and events

through social media, marketing and recommendation

please get in touch

for information on:

local spaces for hire 

becoming part of the Heart Twickenham community 


Heart Twickenham 

supporting local charities and communities in India

with donations and fundraising events


Heart Twickenham offers
Heart Twickenham


Heart Twickenham C.I.C

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